Super cremige Käsesauce

By Katharina Lindacher

Super creamy cheese sauce

A creamy cheese sauce based on organic pastured beef bone broth? You have to have ideas. Whether as a dip for nachos etc. or as a topping on a juicy sandwich - you can hardly have more cheese. With a touch of sherry and a good handful of spicy cheddar, this incredibly delicious cheese sauce can be made at home in no time.


  • 525ml pasture beef broth
  • 30ml Dry Sherry White
  • 100g cheddar
  • 100g Red Leicester
  • 20g corn starch
  • Worcestershire sauce as desired
  • sugar/salt

And so it goes:

  • As real cheese fans, we have created a super spicy and inimitably creamy sauce based on our organic pastured beef bone broth that is second to none. With just a few simple steps, organic broth and strong cheddar become an absolute taste all-rounder that is ideal as a dip and topping.
  • The first step is to put our broth in a pot with the dry sherry. Heat the mixture and let it reduce by approximately 50%. Roughly grate the cheddar and Leicester and then mix with the cornstarch until everything is evenly combined.
  • Now the cheese can go into the hot broth and slowly melt. In the last step, let the sauce bubble up briefly and season with sugar, salt and Worcestershire sauce. The golden yellow cheese happiness is ready.