• Broths made in Germany

    Basically, we prefer to talk about our products rather than about ourselves - but it's clear that you would like to know who is stirring your soup. In addition to some fantastic and socially acceptable employees, there are two people in particular. Yvi and Jörg, the head and heart of our moving company.

  • Moved because our company biography was just as exciting as our private life - because it's actually the same thing. For us there was only one thing we lived for: good food! It all started with a laundromat where we cooked for employees and friends and had parties. And suddenly we were traveling all over Europe, with lots of ideas, food trucks and shops that didn't just sell the legendary J.Kinski sandwiches.

  • In order to meet our quality standards, we have always made as much as possible ourselves: sandwich breads, spice mixes, broths and sauces. But initially this was not a separate business area. Until the day when the urge to start a family made life in the restaurant industry impossible.

  • After 20 years of catering, we restructured ourselves in 2018 and rebuilt the kitchen. We first started by implementing our idea of ​​what a good broth is. Organic was clear. Traditional too. Unfortunately, organic is a watered-down term these days that simply wasn't enough for us. Stretching organically sourced dry matter with water doesn't cut it, so we made the bone broth like our grandmothers taught us.

Animals, raw materials and our environment are particularly important to us
  • #1 EU Organic Awards

    In autumn 2022 we received two awards: In Brussels we received the EU Commission's Organic Award as the best medium-sized organic company.

  • #1 Thuringian BIO price

    And the state of Thuringia awarded us first place in the organic prize for the best concept. Cheers to that!

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