5 reasons why you should treat your body to a fast*

Do you sometimes feel out of sync? Some people find fasting a way to re-center themselves. It is not only an approach to consciously abstaining from food, but also an opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Join us on a 3-day journey into the world of fasting and see for yourself how it feels for you!

1. DECELATION for body & mind

Fasting is an ancient cultural tradition - with good reason. Fasting doesn't just mean giving up solid food, but also giving up distractions, perhaps the smartphone or a few beers in the evening. We can only report from ourselves, but we definitely feel different after a 3 or 5 day fast. Simply more relaxed, decelerated and more conscious.

2. Anti-inflammatory effect

Fasting can help with inflammation by reducing the activity of pro-inflammatory immune cells called “monocytes.” This was demonstrated in both mice and humans in this study.

3. Fasting supports cell cleansing

Autophagy is a cellular recycling process in which the cell breaks down and reuses unneeded or damaged components. This process contributes to cell health and the elimination of harmful molecules. A small study suggests that fasting may support your own autophagy.

4. Weight loss

Well, really enjoyed BBQ and cocktails in the summer? We'll scale back a bit at the beginning of autumn. By fasting you reduce your calorie budget to a few 100Kcal / day (with our fasting box it is almost 500Kcal / day). If you consume fewer calories than you expend energy, you will lose weight. However, a lot of the weight you lose while fasting is water and minerals. Make sure you drink enough fluids and consult your doctor if you want to fast for a longer period of time.

5. Blood pressure & microbiome

A recent study has proven that fasting not only cleanses our cells, but also influences the activity of the microbiome, made up of millions of bacteria that inhabit the intestines. Over the course of a five-day fast, many people experience a reduction in their blood pressure on the second or third day.

What you should pay attention to

During fasting, it is important to ensure adequate intake of nutrients and minerals to avoid discomfort. We have put together a 3 day fasting box containing a selection of products. However, it is important to consider individual needs and health conditions and consult a doctor or nutritionist if necessary.

This is how you fast with a lot of taste

  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box

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Fasting guide
6 organic broths with lots of natural collagen for skin and hair
Fasting tea to support your fasting period
3x BOOSTER ginger shots
"BIOESS Recipe 1779" - To support digestion
Nutrients, minerals & micronutrients
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Thats what our customers say

Impromptu fasting days

The classic - get on the scales after your vacation and immediately start the 3 days of fasting the next day. You'll feel full even without the preparatory days. Everything tasted delicious, I felt like I was doing something good for myself! The ginger shot is a nice afternoon booster.

Verified purchase

Wonderful & Helpful

I am incredibly excited about the super good quality of the broths. The fasting package helped me very well over time. I ordered two packages and actually wanted to fast during my vacation last year. Unfortunately I didn't receive the goods on time. Then I planned my fasting period again and am very happy that I was able to do it so well with these great products. Even the celery juice is pleasant to drink and the ginger shot in the afternoon brings you out of the slump. Which doesn't mean that you don't feel good, quite the opposite, just the first day was really difficult, and after that I felt really good and felt very good for the entire 6 days of fasting.

Verified purchase

Very good product

I am extremely satisfied with the fastening box. This is the second time I've used this and I'll do it more often. I supplement it with a glass of fresh orange juice in the morning and a glass of milk in the evening. The ingredients are probably A1 and the taste is simply TOP!

Verified Buyer

This is in our fasting box

Fasting cures: many people swear by them, even more have already tried them - and have usually given up very quickly. We'll prove to you with lots of flavor and variety that there's another way. By avoiding high-sugar, fatty foods and foods that are loaded with preservatives, you are giving your body a well-deserved break. You still don't have to miss out on good taste, because in collaboration with our friends from Voelkel and Dr. We have developed a box that won't let you shed a tear during the three days of solid food.

The daily energy intake in this combination is less than 500 kcal.


3x organic free-range chicken and 3x pasture-raised beef bone broth (525ml each): Rich in proteins and minerals, these broths are not only beneficial, but also tasty thanks to their gentle preparation over 48 hours.

1x Panda Power fasting tea (25g): It's finally here - our accompanying ORGANIC fasting tea with fine organic herbs, which can support your liver during fasting and detoxification, as well as have an anti-inflammatory effect on your digestive organs.

3x organic ginger shot from Voelkel (60ml each): A real energy kick that can strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism. Ginger is also said to have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body.

1x Dr. Höhl's "BioEss REZEPTUR 1779" organic apple cider vinegar with honey (350ml): Apple cider vinegar is said to stimulate digestion, can help with weight loss and regulate blood sugar levels. It is also said to have antimicrobial properties.

Our enclosed fasting guide will get you through the day in a lively manner.

Shelf life of at least 6 months from delivery. Store dry and protected from light at room temperature. After opening, store the broths in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.


*Health effects of fasting vary greatly from person to person and we do not want to pretend that our products are responsible for positive effects. Our fasting box is designed to support you on your fasting journey and make fasting tasty and, ideally, easier.