German-Gans-Ramen 🍜

By Isi Schaefer

German goose ramen

We love ramen and one Sunday we asked ourselves: what does goose broth-based ramen taste like? Is it possible, does it taste good, do you do that? Are you allowed to do that? First of all: It tastes so good that we simply named it GERMAN GANS RAMEN. With red cabbage salad, small dumplings and grandma's roast pork from the day before.


    • 600g Ramen Nudeln
    • 525ml Weidegans Basisbrühe für Ramen
    • Für die Würzessenz:
    • 15g Ingwer
    • 100ml süße Sojasauce
    • 50ml dunkle Sojasauce
    • 1 Schluck Mirin
    • Für die Toppings:
    • 100g Mini-Kartoffelknödel
    • 1 EL Butter
    • 200g Rotkohlsalat
    • 200g Schweinebraten oder Gänsebrust

    And so it goes:

    • Cook pasta in boiling salted water according to package instructions. Heat pasture goose bone broth in a separate pot. For the seasoning, boil the ginger with the sweet and dark soy sauce and finally add the mirin. Add 1 tablespoon of essence per serving to the bowl. Distribute the noodles in a bowl and pour in the broth. Serve with toppings.