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🍜 Spicy Paitan Ramen

By Isi Schaefer

🍜 Spicy Paitan Ramen

Tenderly cooked chicken bones give this Super Ramen Bowl its finger-licking flavor! 🍗💫 "Paitan" translates to "white soup", but don't be fooled - this soup is anything but innocent! She will put a big grin on your face that will make even the sun green with envy! 😄🍜

Ingredients (2 servings):

  • 200g ramen noodles
  • Peanut Soya Rayu (optional)
  • 2 chicken legs (pre-cooked)
  • 525ml chicken stock
  • 6 pieces of frozen karaage (prepared fried chicken pieces)
  • 3 tbsp Tan Tan seasoning sauce
  • 3 tbsp sesame paste
  • At least 3 tablespoons chili oil
  • Kimchi (optional)
  • Spring onion rings
  • Julienne sliced ​​leeks
  • Blanched sprouts
  • 2 eggs
  • Blanched bok choy

And so it goes:

  • Cook the ramen noodles in boiling water according to package directions, usually about 5 minutes. Once cooked, drain well and set aside.
  • Let the chicken legs languish gently in a large pot as if they were at a spa resort. About 15-20 minutes until they feel wonderfully tender. Then remove the legs from the broth so that they can cool down. When they're cool enough, take off the chicken's skin and cut the meat into paper-thin slices.
  • Fry the frozen karaage in hot oil until golden brown and crispy. They should then drain on a paper towel and take a short browning break.
  • In a pot, heat the chicken broth, mix the tan tan seasoning sauce, sesame paste and chili oil. Depending on the desired level of spiciness, add more or less chili oil. There's also a generous dollop of Peanut Soya Rayu.
  • Add a flake of butter and puree thoroughly. This gives your broth the necessary consistency.
  • Salt everything a little more. (at will)
  • Cook the eggs for 6-7 minutes until the whites are firm but the yolks are still slightly runny. Peel the eggs carefully and cut them open.
  • Now to prepare: Place the blanched ramen noodles in two large soup bowls and pour the prepared broth over them.
  • Place the prepared chicken slices on the noodles and place the fried karaage pieces on top.
  • If desired, place kimchi, spring onion rings, leek julienne, blanched sprouts and blanched pak choi as well as the egg halves on the soup.
  • ENJOY!!!