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“simply intense” - Jörg

  • Complete detox box for 3 or 5 day fasting
  • Powerful broths, supportive tea, fiery shots, refreshing vinegar. That cleans up nicely.
  • We're not allowed to talk about the health benefits here, but just Google the whole thing 😁
Over 5,000 kitties have already experienced the Lenten journey.

  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box
  • ORGANIC Lenten Box

ORGANIC Lenten Box

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Fasting box: It worked great!

Really good - the broths supported me well. I also found the ginger shots strong.

Our fasting box

Our products, which are intended to replace your usual meals for the duration of the treatment, are regionally produced and certified organic.

They are rich in nutrients, free of gluten and lactose, but low carb, low fat and low calorie.

Apart from a little salt, there are no other spices in the broths.

The broths are cooked by hand - and the bones even have 48 hours to be gently boiled and to develop their full flavor.

Fiery ginger shots can have an invigorating effect and help cover your daily vitamin C requirement.

The refreshing apple cider vinegar can be enjoyed diluted with water (still is preferable to sparkling water) throughout the day. The slight sweetness of the honey makes this drink not only super refreshing, but also nutritious and easy to digest.

By alternating between cold juices and hot, nutritious broths as well as unsweetened herbal tea, there is no chance of boredom on your table, which could make it easier to avoid solid food for a limited period of time.

Why fast?

Fasting is considered a universal remedy in holistic circles. It can have a positive effect on the body, mind and soul. Avoiding solid food for a limited period of time can relieve the body and help it stimulate its own detoxification mechanisms. The term autophagy is often used in this context. This is a type of the body's own recycling system. The body recognizes damaged cell structures and then breaks them down into tiny components. These are then renewed and recycled or, if no longer usable, broken down via metabolism. The exact point in time at which autophagy actually begins has not yet been scientifically clarified. In general, however, autophagy occurs when insulin levels remain consistently low.

When producing and selecting the products that could support you in your plan to take a break from solid food, we paid attention to the highest quality from controlled organic and regional cultivation. The variety of natural flavors will ensure that there is no boredom in your drinking plan and can accompany you to your desired destination with variety and joy.

Ingredients & Nutritional Values

Broths see main page for these two J.Kinski products:
Organic free-range chicken bone broth Pure & Paleo
Organic pasture beef bone broth Pure & Paleo

Organic ginger shot from Voelkel
Apple juice** 78%, acerola pulp*, 10%, ginger juice**, 10%, lemon juice**.

**from biodynamic production
*from controlled organic production

Nutritional values ​​per 50ml
Energy kJ / kcal: 172kJ / 41kcal
Fat: <0.5g
of which saturated fatty acids: <0.1g
Carbohydrates: 9.5g
of which sugar: 9.0g
Protein: 0.5g
Salt: <0.01g

Dr. Höhl's REZEPTUR 1779 (organic apple cider vinegar with honey)
60% organic apple cider vinegar*, 40% German honey*
* from controlled organic cultivation. German agriculture
3.5% acid
Shake before use.
Store cool and protected from light.

Nutritional values ​​per 100ml
Energy in kJ / kcal: 661 kJ/155 kcal
Absolute fat content: 0g
of which saturated fatty acids: 0g
Carbohydrates: 36g
of which sugar: 35g
Protein content: 0g
Salt: 0g

J.Kinski Fasting Tea Panda Power
Dry mixture of: nettle leaves* (40%), peppermint leaves* (25%), sweet fennel seeds* (24.5%), licorice root* (5%), sage leaves* (3%), milk thistle herb* (2.5%)

* from controlled organic cultivation

We are really happy about the new version of our fasting box. Enjoy! Fasting cures: many people swear by them, even more have already tried...

We are really happy about the new version of our fasting box. Enjoy!

Fasting cures: many people swear by them, even more have already tried them - and have usually given up very quickly. We'll prove to you with lots of flavor and variety that there's another way. By avoiding high-sugar, fatty foods and foods that are loaded with preservatives, you are giving your body a well-deserved break. You still don't have to miss out on good taste, because in collaboration with our friends from Voelkel and Dr. We have developed a box that won't let you shed a tear during the three days of solid food.

The daily energy intake in this combination is less than 500 kcal.


3 or 5x organic free-range chicken and 3 or 5x pasture-raised beef bone broth (525ml each): Rich in proteins and minerals, these broths are not only beneficial, but also tasty thanks to their gentle preparation over 48 hours.

1x Panda Power fasting tea (40 g) : It's finally here - our accompanying ORGANIC fasting tea with fine organic herbs, which can support your liver during fasting and detoxification, as well as have an anti-inflammatory effect on your digestive organs.

3 or 5x organic ginger shot from Voelkel (95ml each): A real energy kick that can strengthen the immune system and boost metabolism. Ginger is also said to have an anti-inflammatory effect on our body.

1x Dr. "Höhl's" BioEss RECIPE 1779" Organic apple cider vinegar with honey (350ml): Apple cider vinegar is said to stimulate digestion, can help with weight loss and regulate blood sugar levels. It is also said to have antimicrobial properties.

Our enclosed fasting guide will get you through the day in a lively manner. You can find it in digital form here: Fasting Guide

Shelf life of at least 3 months from delivery. Store dry and protected from light at room temperature. After opening, store the broths in the refrigerator and use within 3 days.

What our customers think

Wonderful and helpful

I am incredibly excited about the super good quality of the broths. The fasting package helped me very well over time. I ordered two packages and actually wanted to fast during my vacation last year. Unfortunately I didn't receive the goods on time. Then I planned my fasting period again and am very happy that I was able to do it so well with these great products. Even the celery juice is pleasant to drink and the ginger shot in the afternoon brings you out of the slump. Which doesn't mean that you don't feel good, quite the opposite, just the first day was really difficult, and after that I felt really good and felt very good for the entire 6 days of fasting. Unfortunately, the fasting boxes are no longer available, which certainly speaks for the good and popular quality. So kudos to this great product!!

Verified review

Hassle-free fasting

Tastes wonderful and filling. Fasting without hunger, so to speak, and with all the advantages!! :)

Verified review

Impromptu fasting days

The classic - get on the scales after your vacation and immediately start the 3 days of fasting the next day. You'll feel full even without the preparatory days. Everything tasted delicious, I felt like I was doing something good for myself! The ginger shot is a nice afternoon booster.

Verified review

Known from

Taste guarantee ★ Handmade with a lot of heart and flair ★ Amazon-like shipping ★                   

Three steps to a detox experience

  • Order a fasting box. 3 days for beginners, 5 days for advanced
  • Choose a time when you want to give your well-being a real kick. The best thing to do is to find a time where you can relax.
  • Just push through. You will see that most customers report that they were not hungry at all thanks to the fasting box and still felt all the benefits

This is how the good stuff gets into your kitchen

  • The finest ingredients

    A wise person once said: What makes a really good cook is the ability to source the best ingredients.

  • Gentle preparation

    In order to be able to develop the full taste, we prepare all dishes carefully over many, many hours. This is the only way to reveal the entire spectrum of aromas.

  • Fast shipping

    We want to compete with the best, and that's Amazon (when it comes to shipping). Our motto: ordered today, in your mouth tomorrow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Daniel Frei


Tanja Därr
Die 3 Tage waren mit der Box ein Klacks

Die Box ist geschmacklich ausgewogen und erleichtert die Fastenzeit extrem gut.
Habe mich auf jede „Mahlzeit“ gefreut.

Robert Keller
Geschmack naja

Für den Geschmack viel zu teuer. Meine eigenen Knochenbrühe ist besser und kostet ein Bruchteil

Danke dir, lieber Robert, für deine Meinung. Schade, dass es dir nicht so gut geschmeckt hat. Natürlich - frisch und selbstgemacht ist immer das Beste! Für alle, die nicht so viel Zeit haben, 48 Std. lang Knochen auszukochen, und die gern einen lange haltbaren Vorrat im Küchenschrank haben möchten, gibt es uns. Allzeit gutes Gelingen in der Küche wünschen Deine Kinskis.

Barbara Velten-Hadamik

BIO Fastenzeit Box

Einfach wunderbar und hilfreich

Ich bin wahnsinnig begeistert von der super guten Qualität der Brühen. Das Fasten Paket hat mir sehr gut über die Zeit geholfen. Ich habe zwei Pakete bestellt und wollte eigentlich letztes Jahr in meinem Urlaub schon Fasten. Leider habe die Ware nicht rechtzeitig bekommen. Dann habe ich meine Fastenzeit erneut eingeplant und bin sehr froh, dass ich es mit diesen tollen Produkten so gut schaffen konnte. Sogar der Selleriesaft ist angenehm zu trinken und der Ingwershot für nachmittags holt einem wieder aus dem Tief. Was nicht heißen soll, dass man sich nicht gut fühlt, ganz im Gegenteil, nur der erste Tag war richtig schwer, und danach ging es mir richtig gut und ich habe mich über die ganzen 6 Fastentage sehr wohl gefühlt.
Leider sind die Fastenboxen schon wieder nicht mehr lieferbar, was sicherlich für die gute und beliebte Qualität spricht. Also ein dickes Lob an dieses tolle Produkt!!

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