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  • Ceramic Ramen Bowl
  • Ceramic Ramen Bowl
  • Ceramic Ramen Bowl
  • Ceramic Ramen Bowl

Ceramic Ramen Bowl

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Material and size

This ramen bowl was lovingly made by hand from approx. 1.3kg of raw clay in two firing cycles. After firing, it receives an individual glaze. That's why every bowl looks special. It's just yours. You will recognize them among all other ramen bowls in the world. And it will accompany you throughout your life through thick and thin ramen noodles.

The bowl has a diameter of 22-23 cm and a height of 9-10 cm.

Who designs the ramen bowls?

Our friend Aya Ogawa-Brown makes all kinds of Japanese ceramics in her Rokuro Studio. Their factory is housed in a picturesque old building in Weimar. Aya actually comes from Yokohama, Japan. She learned pottery over 10 years ago in Canada. Just for fun. It's great that Aya now lives close to us and loves RAMEN just like us. So you can also enjoy this really wonderful ramen bowl. It will be the centerpiece of your dining table and will attract many envious glances. So take good care of it!

What do you do with a bowl?

Drape a bunch of cooked, steaming ramen noodles of your choice into the bowl. Now carefully pour in hot J.Kinski broth, seasoned with tare. Add freshly cooked vegetables, raw sprouts, seared meat or tofu, and an egg that has been boiled until soft and halved. Looks beautiful? Wait, there's more: With our toppings such as chili oil, rayu and gomasio as well as a few fresh herbs, you can give your bowl the finishing touch. She will be happy about her load and will be happy to serve you. Enjoy your meal!

Limited J.Kinski edition based on the original Japanese model.

Made in Thuringia.