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FAQ - Spices

Your spices and salts enjoy a cool place (10-20°C) and last particularly well if you store them in the dark (i.e. not on the kitchen shelf, but rather behind a closed cupboard door) - or, best of all, use them quickly and put them back order from us ;-)

The best before date is printed on the glass. We show a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture. But that's probably not the end of the story. But the spices eventually lose their aroma and color.

Our herbs and spices come from the association for organic agriculture and food industry ECOLAND in the Hohenlohe region. It's not just the quality that is extremely good. The concept is also convincing: What cannot be grown in our latitudes is sourced fairly from specially founded projects without middlemen. More information can be found here:

No, spices can also be stored in a well-sealed jar in the kitchen cupboard.

The spices can also be used when opened until at least the end of the printed best before date, but they lose their intensity the longer they are open. To avoid moth infestation etc., always close the jar tightly.

The glasses are not connected to a deposit system. But after using them, you can still use them for your own creations, for example herb salt or jam.